Blueprint Health & Fitness is now accepting inquiries for private team training for youth athletes! To inquire email:

student athletes

Our goals for working with athletes individually or in a team setting is always to maintain and improving overall fitness, learning proper form for strength exercises, gaining strength, increasing power & explosiveness, sport specific exercises to improve performance and of course having fun. Below are details to get you started on the right foot.


 As a general rule, Blueprint offers 6-8 week programs for local school and club teams offered at 4:30/5:30/6:30 PM time slots. Additional training times will be made available upon request. In order to book your team or learn more, email to contact studio our program manager.


Our semi-private athlete training combines all the amazing benefits of personal training with the energy and motivation of working in a group. Athletes will receive an individualized program, based on their goals, but can share the experience of working alongside 2-3 other friends or teammates. Clients must book in 6-8 week increments and sessions are offered at 4:30/5:30/6:30 PM time slots. Additional training times may be made available upon request.
To book semi-private training for your student athlete, email


Ages 11-16

Classes are a 15:1 athlete to trainer ratio

This program will focus on more advanced athletic movement: skill-building, form foundation, speed, agility, and conditioning. Student-athletes are coached to help develop their movement skills and will focus on proper technique to reduce their risk of injury. Class will include bodyweight training, kettlebell/dumbbell, and resistance band exercises. Classes are currently held weeknights at 6 PM. Next session begins Thursday, February 15th.

Click here to register for our next 6 week session beginning Thursday, February 15th

Youth Athlete Pricing

PRIVATE TEAM TRAINING: $150/session, 6 week minimum commitment. 

SEMI PRIVATE TRAINING (3-5 athletes) $100/session, 6 week minimum commitment

MULTI-SPORT GROUP CLASS: $100/athlete for 6 weeks, 1 session per week