Our Top 10 Favorite Exercises to do this Spring Break

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Physical Wellness

Are you headed on Spring Break this year? Do you want a Blueprint for your hotel workout? We’ve got you covered.

Here are our 10 total body exercises that pack a punch, require only dumbbells and are perfect for a quick, effective hotel workout. If you are interested in getting in some cardio as well, consider 20-30 minutes of interval running or cycling and then choosing 3-5 exercises below to complete a 45-60 minute total body workout. Make your way through the strength exercises for subsequent workouts that week.

Equipment needed: Dumbbells 8-10 reps, 3x

  1. Thrusters (squat to press, can do 2:1 ratio)
  2. Alternating Reverse Lunges + Bicep Curl (2:1 Ratio)
  3. Glute Bridge Hold + Chest Press (can make single leg for an added challenge!)
  4. 6-inch low boat hold + straight arm pullover
  5. Deadlifts (if you do not have access to heavy DB, do single leg with medium wts)
  6. Alternating Step ups + Upright Row (2:1 Ratio)
  7. Alternating DB Snatches
  8. Push-ups (if you have minimal equipment, opt to change out the pushup variation with each workout to hit different muscle groups!)
  9. V-Ups or High Boat Hold (:45 seconds)
  10. Plank Bird dogs

Click here for a demonstration of each exercise!

Spring Break Hotel Workout

Example Spring Break Hotel Workout including cardio:
3-5minute Dynamics warm-up (think similar to Blueprint class warm-ups)
20 minutes Run or Cycle Intervals: 6x 2minute push (effort scale 8/10)+ 1minute recovery (walk or flat road, effort scale 6/10), 2minute cool down (jog or flat road)

20-30 minutes Strength 8-10reps, 3x:

Thrusters, Alternating Reverse lunges + curls, Glute bridge hold + chest press, 6-inch hold + 1 dumbbell straight arm pullover, Deadlifts

3-5minute cooldown stretching & mobility

Don’t forget to snap a photo and send us your sweaty selfie!