Group Classes

Welcome to our group fitness class schedule. We’ve designed a weekly regimen that caters to your fitness needs and goals. Our program will keep you engaged and motivated throughout the week, ensuring a well-rounded and balanced fitness experience.

Start Strong and Finish Stronger

We kick off the week with Signature Total Body providing you a well rounded start. We end the week with a burst of energy through our Accelerate full body HIIT class. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just beginning your journey, this format provides an invigorating start to the weekend

WEEK DAY focus on supporting muscle groups

As the week progresses, we strategically develop muscle group days designed to target specific areas of your body for maximum results. These classes are tailored to address individual muscle groups and are strength-focused, ensuring a balanced approach to your fitness routine. You’ll find our signature classes that sculpt your core, upper body, lower body & total body. Our instructors guide you through exercises that improve muscle tone, flexibility, and overall functional fitness.

At the heart of our group class schedule is a commitment to offering variety, motivation, and a sense of community. Regardless of your fitness level, our classes provide a welcoming environment. We believe diversity in your exercise routine is vital to long-term success and satisfaction. We provide a variety of formats throughout the week so you can create your blueprint for a healthier and stronger wellness routine.

Schedule of classes

MONDAY: Signature Total Body
TUESDAY: Signature Upper Body
WEDNESDAY: Signature Lower Body
THURSDAY: Signature Core
FRIDAY: Chance
SATURDAY: Accelerate
SUNDAY: Total Body Strength

Come in and try a class on us. For a full list of class descriptions, visit Wellness Living!