5 Steps to Enjoy your Workouts Pain Free

by | Dec 10, 2023 | Physical Wellness

Written by: Michelle Fleming, Blueprint Health and Fitness

Are you getting back into a great workout routine? Finally you’re making progress, but you have an ache or pain that is holding you back. Or maybe you’re afraid to restart because every time you do, the same pain returns. We’ve streamlined our process around here to help you get back to 100% and be able to enjoy your workouts pain free.

Step 1: Tell your trainer/group class instructor

Step 2: Answer a few important questions that he/she will have for you

Step 3: Receive an email from Blueprint Program Director, Michelle Fleming, with 2 weeks of modifications, suggested exercises and a plan of action

Step 4: Implement recommendations for 2 weeks and follow up with Michelle & your trainer/group class instructor

Step 5: If pain is reduced and issues are dissipating, great! If not, we will refer you to an expert. In fact, we will refer you IN HOUSE to our new affiliate partner Align Health. Align Health offers FREE 15-minute consultations and is available to call/text at any time.

This leads us to an introduction that we’re excited to share. Align Health will soon offer our community whole health solutions by aligning the core components of physical & mental wellness, nutritional health, sleep health, & social-emotional well-being. From physical therapy, women’s health PT, IV hydration therapy, to performance and recovery services and more, Align Health will align you with a journey of optimal lifestyle management to address those aches and pains. Align Health will be available to our community within our studio so the process will be simple and accessible – launching this Wednesday, December 13!

This coming year, our goal is to ADD to what we can offer you: pour into you, our community members to help you find your healthiest self. And Align Health will be one of the ways we do that.

Michelle Fleming

Blueprint Health and Fitness

Program Director

Blueprint Health and Fitness is an Align Affiliate and home to the newest Align Health location.